TMPPM 2010 > Durable Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies, and Nutritional Products Handbook > Texas Medicaid (Title XIX) Home Health Services > Services/Benefits, Limitations and Prior Authorization > Mobility Aids > Wheelchair Ramp-Portable and Threshold Wheelchair Ramp-Portable and Threshold

A portable ramp is defined as a ramp that is able to be carried as needed to access a home, weighs no more than 90 pounds, and/or measures no more than 10 feet in length. A threshold ramp provides access over elevated thresholds.

One portable and one threshold ramp for wheelchair access may be considered for prior authorization when documentation supports medical necessity. The following documentation supporting medical necessity is required:

The date of purchase and serial number of the client's wheelchair or documentation of a wheelchair request being reviewed for purchase

Diagnosis with duration of expected need

A diagram of the house showing the access points with the ground-to-floor elevation and any obstacles

Ramps may be considered for rental for short term disabilities and for purchase for long term disabilities. Mobility aid lifts for vehicles and vehicle modifications are not a benefit of Texas Medicaid.

Note: Permanent ramps, vehicle ramps, and home modifications are not a benefit of Texas Medicaid.

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