TMPPM 2010 > Volume 1, General Information > Section 6: Claims Filing > Claims Information > Claims Filing Instructions > Tips on Expediting Paper Claims Tips on Expediting Paper Claims

Use the following guidelines to enhance the accuracy and timeliness of paper claims processing.

General requirements

Use original claim forms. Don't use copies of claim forms.

Detach claims at perforated lines before mailing.

Use 10 x 13 inch envelopes to mail claims. Don't fold claim forms, appeals, or correspondence.

Don't use labels, stickers, or stamps on the claim form.

Don't send duplicate copies of information.

Use 8 x 11 inch paper. Don't use paper smaller or larger than 8 x 11 inches.

Don't mail claims with correspondence for other departments.

Data Fields

Print claim data within defined boxes on the claim form.

Use black ink, but not a black marker. Don't use red ink or highlighters.

Use all capital letters.

Print using 10-pitch (12-point) Courier font, 10 point. Don't use fonts smaller or larger than 12 points. Don't use proportional fonts, such as Arial or Times Roman.

Use a laser printer for best results. Don't use a dot matrix printer, if possible.

Don't use dashes or slashes in date fields.


Use paper clips on claims or appeals if they include attachments. Don't use glue, tape, or staples.

Place the claim form on top when sending new claims, followed by any medical records or other attachments.

Number the pages when sending when sending attachments or multiple claims for the same client (e.g., 1 of 2, 2 of 2).

Don't total the billed amount on each claim form when submitting multi-page claims for the same client.

Use the CMS-approved Medicare Remittance Advice Notice printed from Medicare Remit Easy Print (MREP) (professional services) or PC-Print (institutional services) when sending a Remittance Advice from Medicare or the paper MRAN received from Medicare or a Medicare intermediary. You may also download a TMHP-approved MRAN template from the TMHP website at

Submit claim forms with MRANs and R&S Reports.

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