TMPPM 2010 > Volume 1, General Information > Section 6: Claims Filing > TMHP Electronic Claims Submission > TMHP EDI Batch Numbers, Julian Dates


6.2.5 TMHP EDI Batch Numbers, Julian Dates

All electronic transactions are assigned an eight-character Batch ID immediately upon receipt by the TMHP EDI Gateway. The batch ID format allows electronic submitters to determine the exact day and year that a batch was received. The batch ID format is JJJYSSS, where each character is defined as follows:

JJJ-Julian date. The three J characters represent the Julian date that the file was received by the TMHP EDI Gateway. The first character (J) is displayed as a letter, where E = 0, F = 1, G = 2, and H = 3. The last two characters (JJ) are displayed as numbers. All three characters (JJJ) together represent the Julian date.

Y-Year. The Y character represents the last digit of the calendar year when the TMHP EDI Gateway receives the file. For example, a "0" in this position indicates the year 2010.

SSSS-Sequence number. This part of the batch ID is a unique sequence number that is EDI-assigned and does not impact determining the Julian date or year.

For example, the batch ID E080DS12 means that the TMHP EDI gateway received the file on January 8, 2010.

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