TMPPM 2010 > Volume 1, General Information > Section 6: Claims Filing > TMHP Electronic Claims Submission > Modifier Requirements for TOS Assignment


6.2.7 Modifier Requirements for TOS Assignment

Modifiers for TOS assignment are not required for Texas Health Steps (THSteps) Dental claims (claim type 021), Inpatient Hospital claims (claim type 040), or Medicare Crossover claims (claim types 030, 031, 050). Additionally, procedures submitted by specific provider types such as genetics, eyeglass, and THSteps medical are assigned the appropriate TOS based on the provider type or specific procedure code, and will not require modifiers.

Most procedure codes do not require a modifier for TOS assignment, but modifiers are required for some services submitted on professional claims (claim type 020) and outpatient hospital claims (claim type 023). Services that require a modifier for TOS assignment are listed below.

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