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6.3 Coding

Electronic billers must code all claims. TMHP encourages all providers to code their paper claims. Claims are processed fast and accurately if providers furnish appropriate information. By coding claims, providers ensure precise and concise representation of the services provided and are assured reimbursement based on the correct code. If providers code claims, a narrative description is not required and does not need to be included unless the code is a not an otherwise classified code.

Important: Claims for anesthesia must have the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) anesthesia procedure code narrative descriptions or CPT surgical codes; if these codes are not included, the claim will be denied.

The carrier for the Texas Medicare Program has coding manuals available for physicians and suppliers with codes not available in CPT. To order a CPT Coding Manual, write to the following address:

American Medical Association
Book and Pamphlet Fulfillment
PO Box 2964
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership
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