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6.5.3 CMS-1500 Blank Claim Form

6.5.4 CMS-1500 Instruction Table

The instructions describe what information must be entered in each of the block numbers of the CMS-1500 claim form. Block numbers not referenced in the table may be left blank. They are not required for claim processing by TMHP.

Block No.


Insured's ID No. (for program checked above, include all letters)

Enter the patient's nine-digit patient number from the Medicaid identification form.


Patient's name

Enter the patients last name, first name, and middle initial as printed on the Medicaid identification form.

If the insured uses a last name suffix (e.g., Jr, Sr) enter it after the last name and before the first name.


Patient's date of birth

Patient's sex

Enter numerically the month, day, and year (MM/DD/YYYY) the patient was born. Indicate the patient's gender by checking the appropriate box.

Only one box can be marked.


Patient's address

Enter the patient's complete address as described (street, city, state, and ZIP code).


Other insured's name

For special situations, use this space to provide additional information such as:

If the patient is deceased, enter "DOD" in block 9 and the time of death in 9a if the services were rendered on the date of death. Enter the date of death in block 9b.




Is patient's condition related to:

a. Employment (current or previous)?

b. Auto accident?

c. Other accident?

Check the appropriate box. If other insurance is available, enter appropriate information in Blocks 11, 11a, and 11b.




Other health insurance coverage

If another insurance resource has made payment or denied a claim, enter the name of the insurance company. The other insurance EOB or denial letter must be attached to the claim form.

If the patient is enrolled in Medicare attach a copy of the Medicare Remittance Advice Notice (MRAN) to the claim form.


Insurance plan or program name

Enter the benefit code, if applicable, for the billing or performing provider.


Patient's or authorized person's signature

Enter "Signature on File," "SOF", or legal signature. When legal signature is entered, enter the date signed in eight digit format (MMDDYYYY).

TMHP will process the claim without the signature of the patient.


Date of current

Enter the first date (MM/DD/YYYY) of the present illness or injury. For pregnancy enter the date of the last menstrual period.

If the patient has chronic renal disease, enter the date of onset of dialysis treatments.

Indicate the date of treatments for PT and OT.



Name of referring physician or other source

Enter the complete name (Block 17) and the NPI (Block 17b) of the attending, referring, ordering, designated, or performing (freestanding ASCs only) provider.

Refer to specific sections for requirements.

in the following situations:

The attending physician for:

Clinical pathology consultations to hospital inpatients or outpatients

Services provided to a client in a nursing facility (skilled nursing facility [SNF], intermediate care facility [ICF], or extended care facility [ECF])

The referring physician for:

Services provided to managed care clients (must be the client's primary care provider).

Note: If there is not a referral from the primary care provider, a prior authorization number (PAN) must be on the claim.

Consultation services

CCP services

Radiology services.

Radiation therapy services.

The ordering physician for:

Laboratory and radiology services

Speech-language therapy

Physical therapy

Occupational therapy

In-home TPN services

The designated provider for nonemergency services provided to limited clients on referral.

The performing provider (surgeon) for freestanding ASCs.


Reserved for local use

Transfers of multiple clients

If the claim is part of a multiple transfer, indicate the other clients complete name and Medicaid number.

Ambulance Hospital-to-Hospital Transfers

Indicate the services required from the second facility and unavailable at the first facility.


Outside lab?

Check the appropriate box. The information may be requested for retrospective review.

If "yes," enter the provider identifier of the facility that performed the service in Block 32.


Diagnosis or nature of illness or injury

Enter up to four ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes to the highest level of specificity available.


Prior authorization number

Enter the PAN issued by TMHP.



General notes for Blocks 24a through 24j:

Unless otherwise specified, all required information should be entered in the unshaded portion.

If more than six line items are billed for the entire claim, a provider must attach additional claim forms with no more than 28-line items for the entire claim.

For multi-page claim forms, indicate the page number of the attachment (for example, page 2 of 3) in the top right-hand corner of the claim form.


Date(s) of service

Enter the date of service for each procedure provided in a MM/DD/YYYY format. If more than one date of service is for a single procedure, each date must be given on a separate line.


In the shaded area, enter the NDC qualifier of N4 and the 11-digit NDC number (number on packaged or container from which the medication was administered).

Do not enter hyphens or spaces within this number.

Example: N400409231231

Refer to: Subsection 6.3.4, "National Drug Code (NDC)" in this section.


Place of service

Select the appropriate POS code for each service from the table under subsection, "Place of Service (POS) Coding" in this section.


EMG (THSteps medical checkup condition indicator)

Enter the appropriate condition indicator for THSteps medical checkups.

Refer to: Subsection 6.5.1, "THSteps Medical Checkups" in Children's Services Handbook (Vol. 2, Provider Handbooks).


Fully describe procedures, medical services, or supplies furnished for each date given

Enter the appropriate procedure codes and modifier for all services billed. If a procedure code is not available, enter a concise description.


Optional: In the shaded area, enter a 1- through 12-digit NDC quantity of unit.

A decimal point must be used for fractions of a unit.

Refer to: Subsection 6.3.4, "National Drug Code (NDC)" in this section.


Diagnosis pointer

Enter the line item reference (1, 2, 3, or 4) of each diagnosis code identified in Block 21 for each procedure.

Indicate the primary diagnosis only. Do not enter more than one diagnosis code reference per procedure. This can result in denial of the service.



Indicate the usual and customary charges for each service listed. Charges must not be higher than fees charged to private-pay clients.


Days or units

If multiple services are performed on the same day, enter the number of services performed (such as the quantity billed).


Optional: In the shaded area, enter the NDC unit of measurement code.

Refer to: Subsection 6.3.4, "National Drug Code (NDC)" in this section.


Rendering provider ID # (performing)

Enter the provider identifier of the individual rendering services unless otherwise indicated in the provider specific section of this manual.

Enter the TPI in the shaded area of the field.

Entered the NPI in the unshaded area of the field.


Patient's account number

Optional: Enter the patient identification number if it is different than the subscriber/insured's identification number.

Used by provider's office to identify internal client account number.


Accept assignment


All providers of the Texas Medicaid must accept assignment to receive payment by checking Yes.


Total charge

Enter the total charges.

For multi-page claims enter "continue" on initial and subsequent claim forms. Indicate the total of all charges on the last claim.

Note: Indicate the page number of the attachment (for example, page 2 of 3) in the top right-hand corner of the form.


Amount paid

Enter any amount paid by an insurance company or other sources known at the time of submission of the claim. Identify the source of each payment and date in Block 11. If the client makes a payment, the reason for the payment must be indicated in Block 11.


Balance due

If appropriate, subtract Block 29 from Block 28 and enter the balance.


Signature of physician or supplier

The physician, supplier or an authorized representative must sign and date the claim.

Billing services may print "Signature on File" in place of the provider's signature if the billing service obtains and retains on file a letter signed by the provider authorizing this practice.

Refer to: Subsection, "Provider Signature on Claims" in this section.


Service facility location information

If services were provided in a place other than the client's home or the provider's facility, enter name, address, and ZIP code of the facility where the service was provided.



Enter the NPI of the service facility location.


Billing provider info & PH #

Enter the billing provider's name, street, city, state, ZIP+4 code, and telephone number.



Enter the NPI of the billing provider.


Other ID #

Enter the TPI number of the billing provider.

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