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6.11.1 R&S Report Delivery Options

TMHP offers three options for the delivery of the R&S Report. Although providers can choose any of the following methods, a newly-enrolled provider is initially set up to receive an PDF version of the R&S Report.

PDF version. The PDF version of the R&S Report is an exact replica of the paper R&S Report. The PDF version of the R&S Report can be downloaded by registered users of the TMHP website at The report is available each Monday morning, immediately following the weekly claims cycle. Payments associated with the R&S Report are not released until all provider payments are released on the Friday following the weekly claims cycle. Providers who use the PDF version will not receive paper copies of the R&S Report.

Paper version. Paper R&S Reports can be mailed to providers the Friday following the weekly claims cycle. Reimbursement checks are mailed with the paper R&S Report, if the provider has not elected EFT.

Note: Additional copies of paper R&S Reports will be charged to the provider if requested more than 30 days after the original R&S Report was issued. There is an initial charge of $9.75 for the request (additional hours = $9.75) with a charge of $0.32 per page and applicable taxes of 8.25 percent.

In addition to the PDF and paper versions of the R&S Report, a third, optional R&S Report delivery method is also available. Using HIPAA-compliant EDI standards, the Electronic Remittance & Status (ER&S) Report can be downloaded through the TMHP EDI Gateway using TexMedConnect or third-party software. The ER&S Report is also available each Monday after the completion of the claims processing cycle.

Refer to: Section 3: TMHP Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) (Vol. 1, General Information) for more information about EDI formats and enrollment for the ER&S Report.

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