TMPPM 2010 > Volume 1, General Information > Section 6: Claims Filing > Remittance and Status (R&S) Report > R&S Report Section Explanation > The Following Claims are Being Processed The Following Claims are Being Processed

In the "Following Claims are Being Processed" section, the R&S Report may list up to five EOPS codes per claim. The claims listed in this section are in process and cannot be appealed for any reason until they appear in either the "Claims Paid or Denied," or "Adjustments Paid and Denied" sections of the R&S Report. TMHP is listing the pending status of these claims for informational purposes only. The pending messages should not be interpreted as a final claim disposition. Weekly, all claims and appeals on claims TMHP has "in process" from the provider are listed on the R&S Report. The Following Claims are Being Processed claim prints in the same format as a paid or denied claim.

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