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2012 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Volume 1, General Information : Section 1: Provider Enrollment and Responsibilities : 1.5 Provider Responsibilities : 1.5.6 Tamper-Resistant Prescription Pads

Providers are required by federal law (Public Law 110-28) to use a tamper-resistant prescription pad when writing a prescription for any drug for Medicaid clients.
Providers must take necessary steps to ensure that tamper-resistant pads are used for all written prescriptions provided to Medicaid clients. Providers may also use compliant, non-written alternatives for transmitting prescriptions such as by telephone, fax, or electronic submittal. Pharmacies are required to ensure that all written Medicaid prescriptions submitted for payment to the Vendor Drug Program are written on a compliant tamper-resistant pad.
If a prescription is not submitted on a tamper-resistant prescription form, a pharmacy may fill the prescription and obtain a compliant prescription by fax, electronic prescription, or re-written on tamper-resistant paper within 72 hours after the date the prescription was filled.
Providers may purchase tamper-resistant prescription pads from the vendor of their choice.
Special copy-resistant paper is not a requirement for prescriptions printed from electronic medical records (EMRs) or ePrescribing generated prescriptions. These prescriptions may be printed on plain paper and will be fully compliant with all three categories of the tamper-resistant regulations, provided they contain at least one feature from each of the three following categories:

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