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2012 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Volume 1, General Information : Section 6: Claims Filing : 6.12 Other Insurance Claims Filing : 6.12.2 Other Insurance Credits : Managed Care Organization (MCO) Copayments
TMHP processes and pays MCO copayments for private and Medicare MCOs as well as private and Medicare PPO copayments for clients who are eligible for reimbursement under Medicaid guidelines.
TMHP pays the copayment in addition to the service the MCO or PPO has denied, if the client is eligible for Texas Medicaid and the procedure is reimbursed under Medicaid guidelines. Providers are not allowed to hold the client liable for the copayment.
An office or emergency room (ER) visit (the ER physician is paid only when the ER is not staffed by the hospital) is reimbursed a maximum copayment of $10 per visit. The hospital ER visit is reimbursed at a maximum of $50 to the facility. TMHP pays up to four copayments per day, per client. ER visits are limited to one per day, per client, and are considered one of the four copayments allowed per day.
By accepting assignment on a claim for which the client has Medicaid coverage, providers agree to accept payment made by insurance carriers and the Texas Medicaid Program when appropriate as payment in full. The client cannot be held liable for any balance related to Medicaid-covered services.
The following Medicaid codes have been created for copayments, which are considered an atypical service:
Medicare PPO copayment-professional

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