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2012 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Children’s Services Handbook : 4. Texas Health Steps (THSteps) Dental : 4.2 Services, Benefits, Limitations, and Prior Authorization : 4.2.25 Special Orthodontic Appliances

All removable or fixed special orthodontic appliances must be prior authorized. The prior authorization request must include both the national code and remarks code. However, prior authorization requests may omit the DPC prefix to the eight-digit remarks code.
All removable or fixed special orthodontic appliances must be submitted with national procedure code D8210 or D8220. To ensure appropriate claims processing, the DPC remarks code (local procedure code) reflecting the specific service is also required. The appropriate remarks codes must be entered on the prior authorization request form. Failure to follow the following steps will cause the claims to deny. Failure to enter the DPC remarks code and the appropriate procedure code will not result in claim denial; however, manual intervention is required to process the claim, which may result in a delay of payment.
For paper claim submissions, providers must enter the local procedure code in Block 35 (Remarks) of the 2006 ADA claim form.
For electronic submissions, providers enter the DPC remarks code in the Comments field to ensure correct authorization, accurate records, and reimbursement.
For electronic submissions other than TexMedConnect submissions, providers must follow the steps below to ensure TMHP accurately applies the correct local procedure code to the appropriate claim detail:
In bytes 4-8, providers must submit the remark code (local procedure code) based on the order of the claim detail. Do not enter any spaces or punctuation between remark codes, unless to designate the detail is not submitted with D8210 or D8220.
For a claim with three details, where details one and three are submitted with procedure code D8210 and detail two is not, enter the following information in the NTE02 at the 2400 loop: DPC1014D 1046D. (The space shows that detail two needs no local code.) If all details require a local code, enter DPC, no spaces, and the appropriate local codes.
To submit using TexMedConnect, providers must enter the local code into the Remarks Code field, located under the details header. The Remarks Code field is the field directly after the Procedure Code field. TexMedConnect submitters are not required to manually enter the DPC prefix as it is placed in the appropriate field on the TexMedConnect electronic claim.
The following table identifies the appropriate DPC remarks codes to use when requesting prior authorization or submitting a claim for procedure code D8210 or D8220:
Mandibular bihelix (similar to a quad helix for mandibular expansion to attempt nonextraction treatment)

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