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2012 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Children’s Services Handbook : 5. THSteps Medical : 5.1 THSteps Medical and Dental Administrative Information : 5.1.7 THSteps Dental Services

Access to THSteps dental services is mandated by Texas Medicaid and provides reimbursement for the early detection and treatment of dental health problems, including oral health preventive services, for Medicaid clients who are from birth through 20 years of age. THSteps dental service standards are designed to meet federal regulations and to incorporate the recommendations of representatives of national and state dental professional groups.
OBRA 1989 mandated the expansion of the federal EPSDT program to include any service that is medically necessary and for which federal financial participation (FFP) is available, regardless of the limitations of Texas Medicaid. This expansion is referred to as CCP.
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THSteps-designated staff (HHSC, DSHS, or its designee), through outreach and education, encourage the parents or caregivers of eligible clients to use THSteps dental checkups and preventive care when clients first become eligible for Medicaid and each time clients are due for their next periodic dental checkup.
Upon request, THSteps-designated staff (HHSC, DSHS, or its designee) assist the parents or caregivers of eligible clients with scheduling appointments and transportation. Medicaid clients have freedom of choice of providers and are given names of enrolled providers. Call the THSteps toll-free helpline at 1‑877‑847‑8377 for a list of THSteps dental providers in a specific area.
For additional information about dental health, providers can refer to the THSteps online educational modules “Dental Health For Primary Care Providers” and “Dental Screening by Dental Professionals” at

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