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2012 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Children’s Services Handbook : Appendix A: THSteps Forms

Appendix A: THSteps Forms
A.1 Claim Forms CH-296
A.2 THSteps Medical Checkup Forms CH-296
A.3 Laboratory Forms CH-297
A.4 Guidelines for Tuberculosis Skin Testing CH-297
A.5 Tuberculosis Screening Guidelines CH-297
CH.37 How to Determine TB Risk CH-299
A.6 Texas Vaccines For Children (TVFC) CH-300
CH.38 TVFC Patient Eligibility Screening Record CH-300
CH.39 TVFC Patient Eligibility Screening Record (Spanish) CH-301
CH.40 TVFC Provider Enrollment (3 Pages) CH-302
CH.41 TVFC Questions and Answers (3 Pages) CH-305

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