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2012 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Children’s Services Handbook : Appendix D: Texas Health Steps Statutory State Requirements : 3.7 Abuse and Neglect

Providers are required to report abuse or neglect as outlined in subsection 1.5, “Provider Responsibilities” in Section 1, “Provider Enrollment and Responsibilities” (Vol. 1, General Information).
Additionally, the General Appropriations Act, Article II, Rider 23 under DSHS, and Rider 13 under HHSC, of S.B. 1, 79th Legislative Regular Session, 2007, require that DSHS and HHSC distribute or provide appropriated funds only to recipients who show good faith efforts to comply with all child abuse and reporting requirements set forth in the Texas Family Code (TFC), Chapter 261, relating to investigations of reports of child abuse and neglect.

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