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2012 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Durable Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies, and Nutritional Products Handbook : 2. Texas Medicaid (Title XIX) Home Health Services : 2.2 Services, Benefits, Limitations and Prior Authorization : 2.2.14 Mobility Aids : Manual Wheeled Mobility System - Tilt-in-Space
A tilt-in-space manual wheeled mobility system is defined as a manual wheelchair that meets the following requirements:
Has the ability to tilt the frame of the wheelchair greater than or equal to 45 degrees from horizontal while maintaining a constant back to seat angle to provide a change of orientation and redistribute pressure from one area (such as the buttocks and the thighs) to another area (such as the trunk and the head) Prior Authorization
A tilt-in-space wheeled mobility system may be considered for prior authorization for short-term rental or purchase when all the following criteria are met:

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