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2012 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Gynecological and Reproductive Health and Family Planning Services Handbook : 3. Women’s Health Program (Title XIX Family Planning) : 3.2 WHP Overview : 3.2.2 Referrals

Per federal government requirements, if a WHP provider identifies a health problem such as diabetes or high blood pressure, the provider must refer the WHP patient to another doctor or clinic that can treat her. As mandated by Section 32.0248, Human Resources Code, WHP does not reimburse for office visits where WHP clients are referred for elective abortions.
HHSC prefers that clients be referred to local indigent care services. However, the toll-free Information and Referral hotline, 2-1-1 can assist clients and providers with locating low-cost health services for clients in need.

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