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2012 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Gynecological and Reproductive Health and Family Planning Services Handbook : Index

Claims filing
family planning
Title XIX GN-12
Titles V, X, XX GN-35
gynecological services GN-43
Women’s Health Program (WHP) GN-28
Family planning
claim form example
family planning services GN-53
nurse practitioner/clinical nurse specialist GN-54
Overview GN-7
Title V
natural family planning GN-34
Title XIX
annual exams GN-10
FQHC claims filing GN-11
benefits and limitations GN-9
contraceptives GN-13
capsules GN-13
external GN-13
intrauterine device GN-13
drugs and supplies GN-14
injections GN-14
prescriptions GN-14
guidelines GN-8
laboratory procedures GN-12
CLIA requirements GN-12
documentation requirements GN-12
reference laboratory GN-13
specimen handling GN-12
medical counseling GN-15
non-family planning services during visit GN-17
outpatient visits GN-11
claims filing GN-12
radiology services GN-13
Title XX
natural family planning GN-34
see also Family planning, Titles V, X, XX
wrap-around services GN-35
Titles V, X, XX GN-28
annual exams GN-29
FQHC reimbursement GN-30
benefits and limitations GN-29
claims filing GN-35
deadlines GN-36
capsules GN-33
external GN-32
intrauterine device GN-32
medroxyprogesterone acetate/estradiol cypionate GN-33
documentation requirements GN-35
drugs and supplies GN-33
education GN-34
enrollment GN-28
medical nutrition Therapy GN-34
outpatient services GN-30
FQHC reimbursement GN-31
prescriptions GN-33
radiology GN-32
sterilization GN-34
consent GN-34
incomplete sterilization GN-34
tubal ligation GN-34
vasectomy GN-35
third party liability GN-36
Abortion Certification Statements Form GN-49
Family Planning 2017 Claim Form GN-51
Hysterectomy Acknowledgement Form GN-50
Sterilization Consent Form GN-45
Gynecological services
abortions GN-39
prior authorization GN-40
anesthesia GN-40
assays for vaginitis GN-38
benefits and limitations GN-37
claims filing GN-43
documentation requirements GN-42
endometrial cryoablation GN-37
hysterectomy GN-40
hysterectomy acknowledgment form GN-41
hysteroscopy GN-39
Pap smear GN-42
salpingostomy GN-38
prior authorization GN-38
surgery for masculinized females GN-42
uterine suspension GN-37
family planning GN-14
Medically Unlikely Edit GN-18
MUE GN-18, GN-28, GN-36, GN-43
National Correct Coding Initiative GN-18, GN-28, GN-36, GN-43
NCCI GN-18, GN-28, GN-36, GN-43
Prior authorization
gynecological services
salpingostomy GN-38
see Women’s Health Program (WHP)
Women’s Health Program (WHP)
abortions GN-19
annual exam GN-21
FQHC reimbursement GN-21
benefits and limitations GN-20
claims filing GN-28
client eligibility GN-26
contraceptives GN-24
documentation requirements GN-27
drugs and supplies GN-24
enrollment GN-18
family planning guidelines GN-18
laboratory GN-23
natural family planning GN-25
outpatient services GN-21
FQHC reimbursement GN-22
overview GN-18
prescriptions GN-24
radiology services GN-23
referrals GN-19
sterilization GN-25
anesthesia GN-26
consent GN-25
facilities GN-26
hysteroscopic GN-26
tubal ligation GN-26
third party liability (TPL) GN-28
wrap-around services GN-35

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