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2012 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Medical Transportation Program Handbook : 6. Claims Filing : 6.5 Electronic Claims : 6.5.4 Third Party Vendor Implementation

TMHP requires all software vendors and billing agents to complete EDI testing before access to the production server is allowed. Vendors that wish to begin testing may either call the EDI Help Desk at 1-888-863-3638 or visit the EDIFECS testing site at and use the TMHP Support link. An EDIFECS account will be created for the vendor to begin testing EDI formats once they have enrolled for testing. After the successful completion of EDIFECS testing and the submission of a Trading Partner Agreement, vendors must then complete end-to-end testing on the TMHP test server. Software vendors and billing agents must be partnered with at least one Texas provider before a test submitter ID can be issued. When end-to-end testing has been completed, the software vendor or billing agent will be added to the EDI Submitter List. Providers and billing agents may then order production submitter IDs for use with the vendor’s software. Companion guides and vendor specifications are available in the EDI section of the TMHP website at

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