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December 2016 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Section 1: Provider Enrollment and Responsibilities : 1.1 Provider Enrollment and Reenrollment

To be eligible for Texas Medicaid reimbursement, a provider of health-care services (including an out-of-state provider) must:
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File with the Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) the required Texas Medicaid enrollment application ensuring that the application is correct, complete, and includes all required attachments and additional information.
Provide any additional information requested by TMHP, HHSC, or the HHSC Office of Inspector General (OIG) in connection with the processing of the application.
Providers can use the online provider enrollment on the portal (PEP) tool to enroll electronically through the TMHP website at by clicking “Enroll Today!” at the top of most web pages.
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Paper versions of the enrollment applications are also available for download from the Forms section of the TMHP website.
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After receipt of all information necessary to process the application, the entire application process can typically take up to 60 days. This may be extended in special circumstances. Requests for exceptions to the enrollment process, risk category, and provider types that require additional state approval may extend the length of the application process.
All providers must be enrolled in Texas Medicaid before enrollment can be approved for any other service or program, including, but not limited to, Medicaid managed care.
Certain provider types are required to enroll in Medicare as a prerequisite for enrolling in Texas Medicaid. During the Texas Medicaid enrollment process, with HHSC approval, the Claims Administrator may waive the mandatory prerequisite for Medicare enrollment for certain providers whose type of practice will never serve Medicare-eligible individuals (e.g., pediatrics, obstetrician/gynecologist [OB/GYN]).
Providers must maintain a valid, current license or certification to be entitled to Texas Medicaid reimbursement. Providers cannot enroll in Texas Medicaid if their license or certification is due to expire within 30 days of application. A current license or certification must be submitted, if applicable.
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A provider identifier is issued when a determination has been made that a provider qualifies for participation.
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Subsection 1.9, “Enrollment Criteria for Out-of-State Providers” in this section for additional criteria that out-of-state providers must meet to enroll in Texas Medicaid.

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