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December 2016 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Section 1: Provider Enrollment and Responsibilities : 1.1 Provider Enrollment and Reenrollment : 1.1.2 Online Enrollment

The following provider types can use PEP to enroll and reenroll:
Upon completion of the Texas Medicaid provider application, qualified providers are automatically enrolled as THSteps medical checkup providers and CSHCN Services Program providers unless they choose to opt out of one or both as prompted in the application. Providers who opt out can enroll in the CSHCN Services Program and in THSteps at a future date using the online PEP tool.
Providers can begin the enrollment process on the Provider Enrollment page of the TMHP website.
Online enrollment has the following advantages:
Providers will receive email notifications when messages or deficiency notices about their applications are posted online. The messages can be viewed on the secured access portion of the website. Providers may opt out of email communication and receive messages or deficiency letters by mail.
Providers who enroll as a group can assign portions of the application to performing providers to complete. Performing providers can complete their portion of a group application by logging into the online PEP tool with their unique user name and password.
Before submitting an application to TMHP for processing, providers are required to review a portable document format (PDF) copy of the application and verify it is complete. Providers are able to edit submitted applications to correct identified deficiencies.
Enrolling online promotes accurate submissions, decreases processing time, and enables immediate feedback on the status of the application.

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