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December 2016 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Section 1: Provider Enrollment and Responsibilities : 1.4 Provider Reenrollment : 1.4.4 Change in Principal Information

As defined in subsection, “Principal Information Form (PIF-2)” in this section, change in principal information includes a change in corporate officers or directors, professional association membership, and managing employees. The change must be reported to TMHP within 10 calendar days of when it occurs.
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Providers must contact the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) help desk directly and request an Electronic Remittance & Status (ER&S) Report each time a new provider identifier is issued to the provider. This form must be completed and returned to EDI with unique identifying information related to the new provider identifier to ensure there is no suspension in the provider’s ability to access their ER&S statement on the secure provider portal through
Providers must also contact any third party EDI vendors with whom they are contracted to add any new provider identifiers to their ER&S Report. To obtain a PDF copy of the ER&S Report on the TMHP Home Page, the provider must create an administrator account for each provider identifier belonging to them.
Providers that have been issued a new provider identifier through the TMHP enrollment or re-enrollment process must ensure that any prior authorizations affected have been updated to reflect the new provider identifier.

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