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December 2016 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Section 4: Client Eligibility : 4.6 Medically Needy Program (MNP) : 4.6.1 Spend Down Processing

Applicants are instructed to submit their medical bills or completed claim forms for application toward their spend down to TMHP MNC along with the Medical Bills Transmittal/Insurance Information Form H1120. Charges from the bills or completed claim forms are applied in date of service order to the spend down amount, which is met when the accumulated charges equal the spend down amount.
Providers can assist medically needy clients with their applications by giving them current, itemized statements or completed claim forms to submit to MNC. MNC holds manually completed claim forms used to meet spend down for ten calendar days preceding the completion of the spend down case, then forwards them to claims processing. The prohibition against billing clients does not apply until Medicaid coverage is provided.
Current itemized statements or completed claim forms must include the following:
Amounts used for spend down are deducted from the total billed amount by the provider. Using older bills may provide earlier eligibility for the client.
Bills for past accounts must be current, itemized statements (dated within the last 60 days) that are from the provider and that verify the outstanding status of the account and the current balance due. Accounts that have had payments made by an insurance carrier, including Medicare, must be accompanied by the carrier’s EOB or Remittance Advice and show the specific services covered and amounts paid.
Unpaid bills incurred before the month of potential eligibility (the month with spend down) may be used to meet spend down. Itemized statements must be dated within 60 days of the date they are received at TMHP MNC.
The unpaid balance on currently due accounts may be applied toward the spend down regardless of the date of service. All bills or completed claim forms must be itemized showing the provider’s name, client’s name, dates of service, statement date, services provided, charge for each service, total charges, amounts and dates of payments, and total due.
Clients have 30 days to submit their bills or completed claim forms. Thirty-day extensions are available to the client as necessary to gather all needed information. The provider can assist by furnishing the additional information to the applicant.
All communication about submission of billing information is carried out between MNC and the applicant; however, providers can assist clients by:
Encouraging clients to submit all of their medical bills or completed claim forms incurred from all providers at the same time.
Bills or claim forms submitted to MNC are for application toward the spend down only. Submitting a bill or claim forms for spend down is not a claim for reimbursement. No claims reimbursement is made from such submittals unless the claim form is complete. The provider must file a Medicaid claim after eligibility has been established to have reimbursement considered by Texas Medicaid. If the provider assisted the client with submission of a claim form, the MNC retains all claim forms for ten calendar days preceding the completion of the spend down case. The MNC then forwards all claim forms directly to claims processing to have reimbursement considered by Texas Medicaid.
MNC informs the applicant and HHSC when the spend down is met. HHSC certifies the applicant for Medicaid and sends the Medicaid Identification form to the applicant when Medicaid eligibility is established. The TMHP MNC mails notification letters to providers when clients have met spend down and TMHP has not yet received any claim for the client’s bills. The notification letter states that an invoice was submitted for the spend down and that the provider should submit claims for any bills that fall within the indicated spend down month. Clients are encouraged to inform medical providers of their Medicaid eligibility and make arrangements to pay the charges used to meet the spend down amount. When notified of Medicaid eligibility, the provider asks if the client has retroactive eligibility for previous periods. All bills submitted to MNC are returned to the client, except for claim forms. An automated letter specific to the client’s spend down case is attached, indicating which:
Providers may inquire about status, months of potential eligibility, Medicaid or case number, and general case information by calling the TMHP Contact Center at 1‑800‑925‑9126.
Medically needy applicants who have a case pending or have not met their spend down are considered private-pay clients and may receive bills and billing information from providers. No claims are filed to Medicaid. A claim that is inadvertently filed is denied because of client ineligibility.

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