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December 2016 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Section 5: Fee‑for‑Service Prior Authorizations : 5.1 General Information About Prior Authorization : 5.1.2 Prior Authorization Requests for Newly Enrolled Providers

TMHP cannot issue a prior authorization before Medicaid enrollment is complete. Upon notice of Medicaid enrollment, by way of issuance of a provider identifier, the provider must contact the appropriate TMHP Authorization Department to request prior approval before providing services that require prior authorization. Regular prior authorization procedures are followed after the TMHP Prior Authorization Department has been contacted.
Retroactive authorizations are not issued unless the regular authorization procedures for the requested services allow for authorizations to be obtained after services are provided. Providers should refer to specific handbook sections for details about authorization requirements, claims filing, and timeframe guidelines for authorization request submissions. Retroactive authorizations may be granted according to the timeframe guidelines for the specific service requested, and do not exceed those timeframes.
All claims must adhere to the claims filing deadlines as outlined in this manual. Retroactive authorizations cannot exceed the claims filing deadline, and are not issued if the date of services is more than 95 days from the date the new provider identifier is issued as identified by the add date.
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