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December 2016 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Section 5: Fee‑for‑Service Prior Authorizations : 5.1 General Information About Prior Authorization : 5.1.8 Prior Authorization for Nonemergency Ambulance Transport : Appealing Non-Emergent Ambulance Claims Denied for Missing Prior Authorization Number
Medicaid fee-for-service ambulance providers can appeal claims that have been denied for a missing prior authorization number that was not provided by the requesting physician, facility, or hospital for nonemergent transport. The ambulance provider must include proper documentation with the appeal.
An ambulance provider is required to maintain documentation that represents the client’s medical condition and other clinical information to substantiate medical necessity, the level of service, and the mode of transportation requested. This supporting documentation is limited to documents developed or maintained by the ambulance provider.
The Appeals Process
The ambulance provider must submit the appeal as soon as it is realized that the requesting provider did not obtain the prior authorization. The appeal must be submitted according to all filing deadlines.
Refer to:
“Section 7: Appeals” (Vol. 1, General Information) for information about filing deadlines.
The following documentation must be included with the appeal to support the need for transport:
A copy of the run sheet, which must be signed by the emergency medical technician (EMT) in attendance, and which must also include the name and telephone number of the employee requesting the service for the physician, facility, or hospital.

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