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December 2016 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Section 5: Fee‑for‑Service Prior Authorizations : 5.10 Submitting Claims for Services That Require Prior Authorization : 5.10.1 Authorization and Manually Priced Claims

If prior authorization has been obtained for services that use manually priced procedure codes, providers must submit claims for them using the MSRP that was submitted with the authorization request and the following information that is listed on the authorization letter:
If the authorization letter shows itemized details, the claim must include all rendered services as they are itemized on the authorization letter and the MSRP rate for each of those services. The procedure codes and MSRP rates that are detailed on the claim must match the procedure codes that are detailed in the authorization letter and the MSRP rates that were submitted with the authorization request. Claims processing and payment may be delayed if there is not an exact match between the detailed information on the authorization letter, the approved authorization, and the information that was submitted on the claim.
Prior authorization is a condition of reimbursement; it is not a guarantee of payment.

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