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December 2016 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Section 7: Appeals : 7.3 Appeals to HHSC Texas Medicaid Fee-for-Service : 7.3.1 Administrative Claim Appeals : Exceptions to the 24‑Month Payment Deadline
Exceptions to the 24‑Month Payment Deadline
HHSC shall consider exceptions to the 24‑month claims payment deadline for the situations listed below. The final decision about whether a claim falls within one of the following exceptions will be made by HHSC.
Claims paid at any time in accordance with a court order, to carry out hearing decisions or agency corrective actions taken to resolve a dispute, or to extend the benefits of a hearing decision, corrective action, or court order to others in the same situation as those directly affected by it.
Mail exception requests to HHSC at the following address:
Texas Health and Human Services Commission
HHSC Claims Administrator Operations Management
Mail Code 91X
PO Box 204077
Austin, TX 78720‑4077

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