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December 2016 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Appendix B: Vendor Drug Program : B.1 Vendor Drug Program : B.1.16 Vitamin and Mineral Products

Pharmacies that are contracted with VDP can dispense some vitamin and mineral products to Texas Medicaid fee-for-service clients who are 20 years of age and younger. Pharmacies can also dispense these covered vitamin and minerals products to clients who are enrolled in a Medicaid MCO, if the pharmacy is enrolled in client’s MCO.
VDP-contracted pharmacies can honor a physician’s prescription for covered vitamins and minerals. To help expedite pharmacy claim processing, prescribing providers are encouraged to include the diagnosis on the prescription.
VDP-contracted pharmacies are required to be enrolled with TMHP and have a CCP Prior Authorization Request Form to dispense a prescription for vitamins and minerals if they intend to submit the claim to TMHP as a medical benefit instead of billing as a pharmacy benefit through VDP.
VDP-contracted pharmacies that are not enrolled with TMHP may submit claims for vitamin or mineral products to VDP.
The list of home health supplies that can be dispensed at a pharmacy can be found in the Vitamin and Mineral Products chapter of the VDP Pharmacy Provider Procedure Manual.
More information about the provision of these products and list of products for fee-for-service clients can be found on the VDP website at

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