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December 2016 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Appendix C: HIV/AIDS

Appendix C: HIV/AIDS
Table of Contents
C.1 CDC Revised Recommendations for HIV Testing of Adults, Adolescents, and Pregnant Women in Health-Care Settings 3
C.1.1 Routine HIV Testing Procedure Codes 3
C.2 Model Workplace Guidelines for Businesses, State Agencies, and State Contractors 3
C.2.1 Purpose 3
C.2.2 Authority 4
C.2.3 Who Must Use Workplace Guidelines 4
C.2.3.1 State Agencies 4
C.2.3.2 State Contractors 4
C.2.4 Why Have Guidelines 4
C.2.5 Development of Workplace Policy Content 5
C.2.6 Where to Go for Help 7
C.2.7 State Agencies Listed Under Health and Safety Code (HSC) §85.113 7

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