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December 2016 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Children’s Services Handbook : Appendix B. Immunizations : B.3 General Recommendations : B.3.4.3 Obtaining Parental Consent for Registry Participation

Before including a client’s immunization information in ImmTrac, DSHS must verify that written consent for registry participation has been granted by the client’s parent, legal guardian, or managing conservator. Most parents grant consent for ImmTrac participation during the birth certificate registration process. Written parental consent for ImmTrac participation applies to all past, present, and future immunizations. Texas law also permits a parent, managing conservator, or guardian to withdraw consent for ImmTrac participation at any time.
Providers may offer parents the opportunity to grant consent for their child’s participation in ImmTrac using the pre-filled, ImmTrac-generated Immunization Registry (ImmTrac) Consent Form or the manual version (#C-7) of this form, also available from the ImmTrac application. Providers should retain the consent form and affirm parental consent through ImmTrac to establish the client’s ImmTrac record and report all immunizations administered and add any historical immunization information to the client’s record. Entering administered immunizations and historical immunization information to the client’s record constitutes “reporting” to ImmTrac as required by current Texas law.

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