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December 2016 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Durable Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies, and Nutritional Products Handbook : 2 Texas Medicaid (Title XIX) Home Health Services : 2.2 Services, Benefits, Limitations and Prior Authorization : 2.2.15 Mobility Aids : Manual Wheeled Mobility System -Custom (Includes Custom Ultra-Lightweight)
Custom manual wheeled mobility systems may be considered for a client who meets criteria for a manual wheelchair, has a condition that requires specialized seating, and cannot safely utilize a standard manual wheelchair.
A custom ultra lightweight wheeled mobility system is defined as an optimally configured wheelchair for independent propulsion which cannot be achieved in a standard, lightweight, or high-strength lightweight wheelchair that:
A custom ultra-lightweight wheeled mobility system may be considered for prior authorization for rental or purchase when the client meets all the criteria for a lightweight manual wheelchair and one or more of the following criteria:
The client is able to self-propel, will have independent mobility with the use of an optimally configured chair, has a medical condition that cannot be accommodated by the seating available on a standard, lightweight, or high-strength lightweight wheelchair and one or more of the following features needed by the client to ensure optimal independence with MRADLs:
Prior authorization for labor to create a custom molded seating system is limited to a maximum of 15 hours.

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