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December 2016 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Medical Transportation Program Handbook : 6 Claims Filing : 6.5 Electronic Claims : 6.5.3 Vendor Software

Providers that do not use TexMedConnect may use vendor software to create, submit, and retrieve data files. Providers can use software from any vendor listed on the EDI Submitter List, which is located on the EDI Vendor Testing web page of the TMHP website at There are hundreds of software vendors that have a wide assortment of services and that have been approved to submit electronic files to TMHP. Providers that plan to access TMHP’s electronic services with vendor software should contact the vendor for details on software requirements. TMHP does not make vendor recommendations or provide any assistance for vendor software. Not all vendor software offers the same features or levels of support. Providers are encouraged to research their software thoroughly to make certain that it meets their needs and that it has completed testing with TMHP.
Providers must setup their software or billing agent services to access the TMHP EDI Gateway. Providers who use billing agents or software vendors should contact those organizations for information on installation, settings, maintenance, and their processes and procedures for exchanging electronic data.
Providers that download the ANSI 835 file through TexMedConnect and providers that use vendor software must request a submitter ID. A submitter ID is necessary for vendor software to access TMHP’s electronic services. It serves as an electronic mailbox for the provider and TMHP to exchange data files. To order a submitter ID, providers must call the EDI Help Desk at 1-888-863-3638. Providers that use a billing agent do not need a submitter ID.
Providers may receive an ER&S Report by completing the Electronic Remittance and Status (ER&S) Agreement and submitting it to the EDI Help Desk after setting up access to the TMHP EDI Gateway. 4 Version 2001 0805 MTP Claim Filing.

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