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December 2016 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy Services Handbook : 5 Children’s Therapy Services Clients birth through 20 years of age : 5.2 Authorization Requirements for PT, OT, and ST Services : 5.2.4 Requests for Recertification—Acute Therapy Services

A recertification for prior authorization of acute therapy services may be considered up to a maximum of 60 day increments, when services continue to meet authorization criteria. Reevaluation codes (procedure codes 97002, 97004, and S9152) require authorization for acute therapy services and must be submitted with the recertification request. Therapy for clients who are birth through 20 years of age who do not meet the acute therapy services criteria may be considered for chronic therapy services.
Recertification for an acute or acute exacerbation of medical conditions includes a progress summary and a Texas Medicaid Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapy (PT, OT, ST) Prior Authorization Form.
A complete recertification request must be received no earlier than 30 days before the current authorization period expires. Requests for recertification services received after the current authorization expires will be denied for dates of service that occurred before the date the submitted request was received.
Prior authorization for recertification requests may be considered for increments up to 60 days for each therapy service request, with documentation supporting the medical necessity including all of the following:
Texas Medicaid Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapy (PT, OT, ST) Prior Authorization Form or electronic equivalent signed and dated by the therapist and signed and dated by the prescribing provider. When the request form is unsigned by the prescribing provider, it must be accompanied by a written order or prescription or a verbal order for the prescribed therapy services.
Documentation of consults with other professionals and services or referrals made and coordination of service when applicable (e.g., for school aged clients, documentation of the coordination of care and referrals made for school therapies).
A progress summary, which may be contained in the last treatment note, must be included with the recertification request and contains all of the following:

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