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December 2016 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Telecommunication Services Handbook : 3 Services, Benefits, Limitations, and Prior Authorization : 3.5 Documentation Requirements : 3.5.1 Documentation Requirements for Telemonitoring Providers

The home health agency or hospital must maintain documentation of all of the following in the client’s medical record:
The provider’s staff is qualified to install the needed telemonitoring equipment and to monitor the client data, which will be transmitted according to the client’s care plan.
Written protocols, policies, and procedures on the provision of home telemonitoring services are available to HHSC or its designee upon request. Written protocols must address all of the following:
The client is able to operate the equipment or has a willing and able person to assist in completing electronic transmission of data. (Not required if the equipment does not require active participation from the client.)

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