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December 2016 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Vision and HearingServices Handbook : 4 Vision Care Professionals : 4.5 Claims Filing and Reimbursement : 4.5.2 Reimbursement : NCCI and MUE Guidelines
The HCPCS and CPT codes included in the Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual are subject to NCCI relationships, which supersede any exceptions to NCCI code relationships that may be noted in the manuals. Providers should refer to the CMS NCCI web page for correct coding guidelines and specific applicable code combinations.
In instances when Texas Medicaid limitations are more restrictive than NCCI MUE guidance, Texas Medicaid limitations prevail.
If applicable and consistent with CMS billing guidelines, procedure codes must be billed with modifier LT (left side) or RT (right side) to identify the eye on which the service was performed.

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