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Recovery Services Vendor Issues Notice of Data Security Incident

Benefit Recovery Specialists, Inc. (BRSI) provides billing and collection services to health-care providers on behalf of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. On April 30, 2020, BRSI found malware on its systems. Malware is software that gathers or harms private information. As soon as BRSI found the malware, the system was taken offline to remove it. 

Some Medicaid client information was affected, including some information that required notice to clients under the law. For these clients, BRSI mailed a letter with details about the event and privacy protection tips if BRSI had enough information to identify the client. For some clients, there was not enough information to clearly identify them. These clients did not receive a letter from BRSI. 

BRSI is increasing security and strengthening privacy policies and procedures. At this time, BRSI has no knowledge of misuse of client information. To learn more, call BRSI at 855-917-3548, 8 a.m. to 8 pm., Central Time, Monday through Friday, or visit www.benefitrecovery.com/uploads/BRSIWebsiteNoticeEN.pdf.