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 The Your Texas Benefits Medicaid ID System

HHS implemented the Medicaid Eligibility and Health Information Services (MEHIS) system. Some of the key features of the MEHIS system include three portals that use technology to streamline the process of accessing a person's available health information and verifying their Medicaid eligibility.

The three main elements of the system are:

  •  (YTBC) -  Medicaid providers get timely information on a patient’s Medicaid eligibility, services and treatments provided by Medicaid regardless of the plan (managed care organization or traditional fee-for-service). Take this quick tutorial to learn more now at

  • - Patients are able to view their benefit and case information, print or order a Medicaid ID card, and set up and view their Texas Health Steps (THSteps) alerts. Adult Medicaid clients can view their available health information and client's guardians can now see the available health information for children on their case if they are the legally authorized representative.

  • HHSC Staff can perform client and provider searches, order replacement cards for clients, view program and eligibility information and view reports.
  • The MEHIS program issues the Your Texas Benefits Medicaid card, which replaces the Medicaid ID letter (Form 3087) clients used to get in the mail every month. In addition, it has an Interactive Voice Response System and a Help Desk to assist clients and providers with issues regarding the Medicaid card and portals.

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    Texas Medicaid is integrating the (YTBC) provider portal with selected managed care organizations (MCOs) and dental maintenance organizations (DMOs) provider portals. Providers are able to access the YTBC portal to view Medicaid patients’ available health information with one single click from participating MCO/DMO portals.

    Provider Portal Tutorial Available at HHSC Website 

     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

     Helpful Links

    Medicaid Provider Website
    The specific functions available through the YTBC portal are:

    • Ability to view Medicaid patient health information such as:
      • Past Visits
      • Health Events; including diagnosis and treatment
      • Vaccines
      • Prescription medicines
    • Ability to view THSteps Alerts
    • Verification of Medicaid patient eligibility and the ability to view patient program information
    • Ability to authorize provider-level functionality to a delegate
    • Ability to check - in and check - out patients at time of appointment
    • Access to use the Blue Button functionality to request a Medicaid patient’s health information in a single tool
    • MCNA Dental and DentaQuest links added to the ‘Health Summary’ tab
    • Mobile enabled - adjusts to view available information from a tablet or a smart phone

    Medicaid Client Website

    The specific functions available through are:

    • Single-sign-on at
    • Medicaid client benefit and program information and eligibility verification
    • Ability to order, view, and print copies of one or more Medicaid cards
    • View and set up Texas Health Steps alerts and email notifications for clients and their families
    • Ability to “opt-out” to block online access to their Medicaid-related health information
    • Adult clients can view their available health information, including:
      • Health events
      • Prescription medicines
      • Vaccine information
      • Past Medicaid visits

    Clients can use the Blue Button feature to view, print, or download and store their health information online. Patients with access to their health information may become more engaged with their care overall, leading to improved health outcomes.

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