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EVV Portal Improvements and Training Updates

Last updated on 5/14/2021

On May 14, 2021, TMHP made improvements to the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Portal and updated the related training materials.

EVV Portal Improvements

Batch results features and all EVV Portal Search tabs have been updated as follows:

All EVV Portal Search tabs:

An All NPIs/APIs check box was added, so providers and financial management services agencies (FMSAs) have the option of pulling all National Provider Identifiers (NPIs) or Atypical Provider Identifiers (APIs) in their results.

The maximum date range was changed to 92 days to allow users to search three full months.

When searching a date range of 31 days or less, the required Search tab fields have been updated to allow EVV Portal users to pull results without having to add an NPI/API, Medicaid ID, or provider number.

The required fields error messages were updated to display incorrect fields selected and to reflect the updated, reduced restrictions on required search criteria for 31 days or less. This allows users to know exactly which fields need corrections.

 Batch Results:

EVV Portal searches with results over 10,000 records will be sent to Batch processing when the Export Data (formally known as Export Data to Excel) link is clicked to allow users to download results over 10,000 records.

The Export Data instructions changed to inform users that search results with 10,000 records or less will export to Excel, and search results with more than 10,000 records will be processed in Batch Results in CSV format.

A Batch Continue confirmation message was added so that the user can send results for Batch processing or refine their search for immediate results.

Instructions were added to the top of the Batch Results page to help users understand the important functionalities and features of the Batch Results page.

EVV Portal Training Material Updates

The TMHP Learning Management System (LMS) EVV Portal computer-based training (CBT) modules and job aids also includes the May 14, 2021, EVV Portal improvements.

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