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HHSC Adopts New Medicaid Hospice Rules

Last updated on 7/28/2022

HHSC has adopted new Hospice Program rules in the Texas Administrative Code, Title 26, Chapter 266 effective July 26, 2022. Previous Medicaid Hospice rules from 40 TAC Chapter 30 have been repealed. 

The adoption of new 26 TAC Chapter 266 will make HHSC’s Medicaid Hospice Program rules consistent with the federal Medicare hospice regulations; add definitions used in the chapter; include details of utilization review policy requirements, such as describing what the individualized plan of care must include, types of required documentation that a hospice must maintain and specifics regarding the certification of terminal illness; and update standards to protect the health and safety of people receiving hospice care.

The update will streamline processes and procedures that guide hospice services delivery to Texans.

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