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6.12.1 Other Insurance Credits

Providing other insurance payment information, even when no additional payment is expected from TMHP, provides benefit to all parties involved in Texas Medicaid. When a TPR issues a payment or partial payment to a provider, the other insurance credit must be indicated on the claim form submitted to TMHP.

This procedure benefits both providers and TMHP even if the TPR payment exceeds the Medicaid allowed amount. Although additional payment may not be issued by TMHP, informing TMHP of the other insurance credit allows TMHP to track the appropriate use of TPRs. Informing TMHP of a TPR credit provides hospitals with a more accurate standard dollar amount (SDA) rate setting and assists the program in tracking recoveries and reducing Medicaid medical expenditures by informing TMHP of liable third parties.

Providers must report TPR payments correctly in the appropriate electronic field or the paper claim form block.

Claim Form


Block 29, CMS-1500 Blank Claim Form (subsection 6.5.3 in this section)

UB-04 CMS-1450

Block 54, UB-04 CMS-1450 Blank Claim Form (subsection 6.6.3 in this section)

THSteps Dental

Block 31, 2006 ADA Dental Claim Form (subsection 6.7.3 in this section)

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