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2012 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Volume 1, General Information : Section 1: Provider Enrollment and Responsibilities : 1.1 Provider Enrollment : 1.1.5 Required Enrollment Forms : Certificate of Good Standing (Board Corporation Act, Article 2.45)
The Certificate of Good Standing must be submitted by all for-profit corporations. A for-profit corporation that is delinquent in Franchise Tax cannot be awarded a contract or granted a license or permit by the state or agency of the state. Providers must obtain the Certificate of Good Standing from the Comptroller’s Office, which verifies that the corporation is not delinquent in Franchise Tax. Only an original or photocopy of a Certificate of Good Standing will be accepted (i.e., a printout from the Comptroller website will not be accepted). Corporations that are nonprofit with a “501(C)(3)” IRS exemption are not required to submit this form. These corporations must indicate this exemption by signing the appropriate line on the Disclosure of Ownership & Control Interest Statement and marking exempt on the W‑9 form. Out-of-state providers who do not conduct business in Texas are also exempt from submitting this form.

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