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December 2016 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Children’s Services Handbook : Appendix D. Texas Health Steps Statutory State Requirements : D.5 Parental Accompaniment

Texas Human Resource Code (HRC) §§32.024(s)-(2) requires that, as a condition for provider reimbursement, a client who is 14 years of age or younger be accompanied by the client’s parent, guardian, or other authorized adult during medical and dental checkups and dental treatment. DSHS implemented this requirement through rules found in 25 TAC §33.2 (Definitions) and 25 TAC §33.6 (THSteps Provider Responsibilities).
The DSHS rules require that the parent, guardian, or authorized adult accompany the client to the checkup, and that the parent, guardian, or authorized adult must wait for the client while the checkup, treatment, or service takes place.
Providers will not be required to submit documentation to TMHP to verify compliance with this policy in order for TMHP to process claims. By submitting the claim for reimbursement, the provider acknowledges compliance with all Medicaid requirements. Additional assurances are not necessary.
School health clinics, Head Start programs, and childcare facilities are exempt from this policy if the clinic, program, or facility encourages parental involvement in the health care of the client and obtains written consent for the services. The consent from the client’s parent or guardian must have been received within the one-year period before the date on which the services are provided and must not have been revoked.
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