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December 2016 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

Medicaid Managed Care Handbook : 6 NorthSTAR Program : 6.1 NorthSTAR Program Clients

Most Medicaid clients residing in the Dallas SA must enroll in NorthSTAR. All STAR and STAR+PLUS Program enrollees are subject to mandatory enrollment in NorthSTAR. Once enrolled in NorthSTAR, ValueOptions will coordinate enrollee behavioral health services.
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NorthSTAR Program enrollment information is not reflected in the Medicaid ID verification, but enrollment can be confirmed by the BHO or the enrollment broker.
Medicaid clients residing in the Dallas SA that are not eligible to enroll in a NorthSTAR BHO are:
Certain Medicaid clients that are ineligible for NorthSTAR such as program type 55
When a Medicaid enrollee requests services, the provider should contact ValueOptions or the Enrollment Broker to verify enrollment in NorthSTAR. If the client is not currently enrolled in NorthSTAR, the provider may give the client the telephone number of the Enrollment Broker so the client may become enrolled in NorthSTAR.
The Enrollment Broker staff is trained to assist potential clients in their understanding of the STAR, STAR+PLUS, and NorthSTAR programs.

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