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 Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual

The Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual is the providers’ principal source of information about Texas Medicaid. The manual is regularly updated to reflect the most recent policy and procedure changes. Updates are generally available the month following the effective date of the change. For advanced notification of upcoming changes, providers should monitor banner messages, which appear at the beginning of their Remittance and Status (R&S) Reports, and the corresponding website articles published on this website.

Provider Manual FAQ – Contains information about the provider manual update schedule and how to use this online manual.

Updated March 13, 2015

Contains all policy changes through February 1, 2015. For more recent changes, refer to news articles on this website.

Complete book


Individual Chapters PDF

Release Notes - changes to manual arranged by date

Change History - changes to manual arranged by chapter

Claim Form Examples - completed claim forms with sample data

Archive of annual Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual (2014 and prior)

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