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 Texas Medicaid Excluded Providers

As required by the Medicare and Medicaid Patient Protection Act of 1987, the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) identifies providers or employees of providers who have been excluded from state and federal health-care programs. Providers excluded from Texas Medicaid and the DSHS Family Planning Program must not order or prescribe services to clients after the exclusion date. Services rendered under the medical direction or under the prescribing orders of an excluded provider also will be denied. Providers who submit cost reports cannot include the salaries, wages, or benefits of employees who have been excluded from Medicaid. Also, excluded employees are not permitted to provide Medicaid services to any client.

Medicaid providers are responsible for checking the exclusion list on all employees upon hiring and periodically thereafter. Providers are liable for all fees paid to them by Texas Medicaid for services rendered by excluded individuals. Providers are subject to a retrospective audit and recoupment of any Medicaid funds paid for services. It is strongly recommended that providers conduct frequent periodic checks of the HHSC exclusion list. The HHSC-Sanctions Department submits updates to the exclusion list periodically and the updates appear on the website weekly.

Previously, the list of excluded providers was published in the Texas Medicaid Bulletin, which was discontinued after the publishing of the September/October 2012 edition. The files on this page include the excluded providers that have been added since the bulletin was discontinued.

 Excluded Providers

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