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 Federal Re-enrollment

As a requirement of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), state Medicaid agencies must revalidate the enrollment of all providers by September 24, 2016.

Texas Medicaid established an application submission deadline of June 17, 2016 which ensured providers of continued enrollment if a complete application was submitted by that date. Providers that missed the application submission deadline may still be able to complete the revalidation process by the federal deadline of September 24, 2016. While there is no guarantee that an application submitted now will complete the process by the September 24, 2016 deadline, submitting an application now provides the best possible chance of meeting the deadline.

If the application is not processed by September 24, 2016, the provider will be dis-enrolled from Texas Medicaid with an effective date of September 25, 2016.

To avoid disenrollment on September 25, 2016, and possible disruptions in claims payment, providers should submit a revalidation application to the state or TMHP today.

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