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Resident Leave Reimbursement During COVID-19 For ICF/IID Program Providers (IL2020-43)

Last updated on 10/5/2020

HHSC has published IL2020-43 ICF/IID Services During COVID-19 (PDF).

The letter notifies ICF/IID program providers:

  • Of recent developments about the reinstatement of rules for resident leave.
  • Potential reimbursement for days that a resident was absent from an ICF/IID during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

HHSC anticipates that 40 TAC §9.226 will be reinstated by November 1, 2020. This means a resident who is away from an ICF/IID beyond leave permitted by §9.226 must be discharged from the ICF/IID, either with or without a bed hold agreement to hold the resident's place at the ICF/IID under 40 TAC §9.227(j).

IL 2020-43 directs providers to send a letter addressed to impacted individuals or their legally authorized representative by October 5, 2020.