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New Section for SHARS in R&S Reports

Last updated on 11/5/2020

In accordance with Texas Administrative Code (TAC) 1 TAC §355.8443, Reimbursement Methodology for School Health and Related Services (SHARS), was amended to permit the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) to implement a one percent (1%) administrative fee for the SHARS program. 

Beginning November 16, 2020, the deduction for this fee will be shown in a new section, MISCELLANEOUS LEVIES II, on the SHARS provider’s Remittance and Status (R&S) report. SHARS providers will see the following explanation of benefits in the new section:

06094 SHARS 1% Admin Fee

The R&S Payment Summary section will have a new row, MISCELLANEOUS LEVIES, for all non-Internal Revenue Service (non-IRS) levies that have been paid.

For more information, call the TMHP Contact Center at 800-925-9126.