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Texas Medicaid

Last updated on 12/15/2021

Texas Medicaid has a wide variety of programs that help low-income women, families, seniors, and kids stay healthy, including:

  • Children’s Medicaid (including Texas Health Steps)
  • Medicaid for the Elderly and People with Disabilities
  • Medicaid Buy-In for Children
  • Medicaid Buy-In for Adults
  • Medicaid for Parents and Caretakers
  • Healthy Texas Women
  • Medicaid for Breast and Cervical Cancer
  • Medicaid for Pregnant Women

If you want to help provide health care to low-income women, families, seniors, and kids, you can enroll as a Texas Medicaid provider through the Provider Enrollment and Management System (PEMS).

For more detailed information about Medicaid services, policies, and claims, refer to the Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual.

Helpful Links

To learn more about Texas Medicaid, visit the following resources and websites: