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Electronic Visit Verification

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 Electronic Visit Verification

EVV is a computer-based system that electronically verifies that service visits occur and documents the date and time service delivery begins and ends. EVV replaces paper timesheets for EVV required services. EVV visits are required for EVV claim payment.

EVV electronically documents the following visit data:

  • Member receiving services
  • Attendant providing services
  • Location of service delivery
  • Date of service delivery
  • Time the attendant begins and ends service delivery


Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) is the Medicaid claims administrator for the state of Texas and is responsible for managing the EVV Aggregator, the claims matching process, and the EVV Portal. TMHP is also responsible for training program providers, financial management services agencies (FMSAs), managed care organizations (MCOs), and HHSC about the EVV Aggregator and the use of the EVV Portal. TMHP will provide technical assistance for all EVV Portal functions.

Training is available to help providers learn everything they need to know about EVV. Click here to access the EVV Training page.

 EVV News Items

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