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New Electronic EDI Agreement Submission Method

Last updated on 2/8/2021

Beginning February 12, 2021, a new online user interface will be available for Long-Term Care (LTC) providers to submit their Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) agreement. The EDI agreement has been updated to allow online submission, which includes the ability to provide an electronic signature. LTC providers that use third-party software and third-party vendors to submit claims can fill out the updated EDI Agreement and use the new interface for the agreement submission and additional documentation.

Note: LTC providers who already have an EDI agreement on file and a current TMHP Long-Term Care Online Portal account do not need to take any action.

Providers can upload the EDI agreement through the TMHP Contact Us web page by clicking the Email Us button, and selecting LTC EDI Agreement as a category in the drop-down menu.

For more information, contact the EDI Help Desk at 888-863-3638.